Your Benefits

Membership Details

The features and benefits you receive depend on your chosen membership package. You can download full membership details here.

Our Spaces

When we started to think about how to fit out our spaces we had one goal in mind, to create the sort of places that we wanted to work in. Getting the basics right is important, and we understand that you need a decent desk and a really good chair, so that's what we provide. We also think that art on the walls is rather nice, so we have that too.

We mean what we say about collaboration, openness and community, and if you think that we have missed a trick, or that an extra little something would make your life complete; tell us! No promises, but we will see what we can do.

Our Facilities

All our workspaces benefit from fabulously fast internet connectivity; and when we say it's fast we mean it - our backhaul runs at 1Gbit/s.

We have a really nice A3 colour printer (she's big and she's curvy and we call her Betsy) and more importantly we don't charge for everyday printing. All we ask is that you play fair and if you do need to do a very large print-run that you have a word with us first. We won't say "no", but we might want to charge you a couple of quid to cover paper and toner.

Mentoring and Business Support

Because we are part of the Derby City Council's "Connect" initiative all our members have access to our mentoring and business support programme.


We run a year round programme of activities, including workshops, guest speakers and "how to" (or "how not to") events specifically for start-ups and growing businesses. All of our events are free for members. You can stay up to date with what's going on by following us on Twitter @SparkDerby or on Google+